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The Global Independent Schools Association represents, co-ordinates, and gives a voice to the global independent education sector - which educates 350 million children around the world.

This has never been more important. The window of opportunity is fast closing on achieving SDG4 and to fulfil our promise of providing every child with a good education by 2030.

We want to showcase the impact of the global independent education sector, and become a resource for the world’s governments and global institutions to tap into, talk to, and, in times of crisis, lean on.

As a member of this association, you will join our network of educators, executives, public policy experts, faith leaders, philanthropists and more. You will be able to participate in GISA Advocacy Initiatives, Global Alliances, Working Groups and Events. As a leader you can help to shape our global agenda, gain access to influential decision makers and leaders, and strengthen your global and local networks.

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“As markets and business conditions change,  leaders of Independent Schools can often feel powerless and isolated, unable to join the debate and contribute to the outcome. 

At GISA we are uniting the Independent school sector to create a powerful and influential voice across the globe. Together and in partnership with Governments we are working to shape our future and redefine our industry”

Getting the independent sector to raise its voice in service of the public good is hugely important. Tomorrow’s economy will be unforgiving for those without a strong education and skills for the future.

Unless the independent sector joins others – governments, business, NGOs – to work out how we educate and skill up a new generation, valuable expertise will remain siloed, and solutions will be lost.

Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills for the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

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